Recycled metals

Eco-Friendly Recycled Metal

Choosing between solid gold or silver is primarily a style preference. However, your recycled metal choice contributes to the value and wearability of your setting and should be a factor in the final selection. At Banni every setting is created using only the finest eco-friendly recycled precious metals. Eco-friendly recycled metals you’ll love for their beauty and be proud to wear for their minimal impact on the environment.

What is Banni's recycled metal?

Recycled metals are gold and that have been melted down to be reused. Unlike common scrap recycling, which can come from post-consumer products like technology, scrap waste metals and other sources, this kind of recycling is sourced specifically from metals that can be reused to make fine jewelry.

Why we use recycled metals

Gold mining is a dirty industry and is as unethical and outdated as mining for diamonds. Gold mining displaces communities, contaminates drinking water, hurts worker, generates heaps of waste, leaves a long-lasting scar on landscapes and communities, and contaminates ecosystems with toxic waste which results in widespread water pollution.